Wednesday, June 16, 2010

About Us

Our Philosophy:
Children learn at their own pace with the guidance of a Montessori teacher.  Independence, curiosity, and a love of learning are nurtured in a specially prepared environment that builds the children's confidence.

There are five distinct areas in our Montessori classroom:

Practical Life - in which the children learn to care for themselves and their environment.
Sensorial - in which children explore and refine their sense perceptions.
Mathematics - in which children use manipulatives to gain concrete experiences with math concepts.
Language Arts - in which vocabulary is expanded, self-expression is encouraged, reading, writing and listening skills are developed.
Culture - in which children increase their understanding of the world by studying and exploring Science, Geography, History, Art and Music.

Location :
West Cobb Montessori is located in Marietta, GA.  The program, which uses authentic Montessori materials, takes place in our home. A grassy, large park like yard beckons the children to enjoy the great outdoors.

Qualifications :

• Certified Montessori Teacher (Fall 2011)
• Certified elementary school teacher.
• Third grade teacher for 7 years.
• CPR and first aid certification.
• Clear criminal record check and child abuse registry check